CQI and IRCA Online Exams: Appeals Policy

An appeal is a formal request for a review of a decision. An appeal considers whether the correct policies and processes have been followed and applied fairly.

A learner may make an appeal to CQI in relation to the following:

        1. Appeal against a ‘Fail’ result

        2. Appeal against a malpractice decision

        3. Appeal against a decision made in relation to a reasonable adjustment or special consideration

Appeal against a ‘Fail’ result

An appeal may be submitted if the learner considers that:

    • An error has occurred in relation to the marking and/or grading process
    • There is an issue with the wording or translation of one or more questions which has adversely affected the learner’s result

Please note, we will not accept appeals against a ‘Fail’ result in relation to problems with internet connectivity or pc/laptop hardware or software issues. Learners should follow the Special Consideration process if they experienced technological problems which they feel affected their performance during the exam.

Appeal against a malpractice decision

Malpractice means ‘any deliberate activity, neglect, default or other practice that compromises or could compromise the assessment process, the integrity of a CQI and IRCA certified course, the validity of a result or certificate, or the reputation and credibility of the CQI and CQI and IRCA certified courses’.

Examples of malpractice by a learner in relation to online exams include:

    • Being in possession of confidential material e.g. exam questions and answers in advance of, and/or during, the exam
    • Providing access to, disclosing, distributing, copying, photographing, recording, downloading, transmitting any exam questions, answers, or content in any form or by any means
    • Misrepresenting their identity or impersonating another individual during the exam
    • Arranging for someone else to sit the exam on their behalf
    • Helping others with the exam or receiving assistance either online or in person during the exam 
    • Copying another learner’s answers or knowingly allowing a learner to copy from their work 
    • Inappropriate behaviour during the exam e.g. using offensive language
    • Being in possession of any non-authorised items whilst taking the exam such as mobile phones, electronic devices, smart watches, headphones, and earphones. Possession of such devices will be considered as malpractice whether or not the learner uses them
    • Turning off their webcam and/or microphone, obscuring their face with a face covering, positioning their webcam so that there is always not a clear image of their face

Malpractice may be identified during an analysis of the learner’s proctoring recording or due to information that CQI receives either before or after the exam. All learners found guilty of malpractice will receive a ‘disqualified’ result, regardless of whether they have passed or failed the exam and will be provided with details of the malpractice. CQI reserves the right to disqualify learners from future CQI exams either for a fixed period or indefinitely.

Appeal against a reasonable adjustment or special consideration decision

CQI recognises that some learners may be prevented from demonstrating their achievement due to:

    • A permanent or long term disability, learning difficulty or medical condition
    • A temporary disability, illnesss or indisposition immediate to or at the time of the exam
    • Circumstances at the time of or during the exam

Please see CQI’s Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration policies for further details. Learners have the right to appeal CQI’s decision in relation to these requests.


If you wish to appeal you are strongly advised to discuss your case with your training provider prior to making a submission. If you decide to make an appeal, you must complete the CQI and IRCA Online Exams: Appeals Submission Form (available from CQI’s website and your training provider). You must email the form and supporting evidence to assessment@quality.org within 14 calendar days of receiving your exam result or outcome of your reasonable adjustment or special consideration request.

CQI will acknowledge the email and will process the appeal as follows:

Reasonable adjustment appeal - within 2 UK working days Special consideration appeal - within 10 UK working days ‘Fail’ result appeal - within 10 UK working days Malpractice appeal - within 10 UK working days

Appeals will be reviewed by a CQI senior member of staff who has not previously been involved in the case and has no personal interest in the outcome.

The person investigating the appeal will re-examine the evidence used to make the original decision and any additional evidence provided by the learner. They will consider whether CQI has applied its processes consistently, properly and fairly in arrriving at the decision. For appeals relating to malpractice, the reviewer will consider, on the balance of probabilities, whether there was sufficient evidence to support the malpractice finding and how appropriate the decision was in light of precedents and any additional information provided by the learner.

CQI will email you and your training provider to confirm whether the appeal has been upheld or rejected, and what follow up action has been taken. No further appeals will be accepted.

CQI will retain records of all appeals and their outcomes for a period of five years.

Reference form:[ CQI and IRCA Online Exams Appeals Submission Form v1 (final) ] 

Last modified: Tuesday, 22 November 2022, 1:19 PM