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Welcome to TechKnowledge Services Group (TKSG) Certificated Training Course Services 

About the TKSG "Virtual Classroom" training programme

Our virtual classroom is the digital learning environment learners join to engage in an online course. In this environment, students and tutors can interact with each other and engage in learning using their computer’s microphone and web camera. 

Virtual classrooms are a component of the distance learning platform, which typically includes course materials, homework, tests, assessments and other tools to supplement the classroom experience. 

Virtual classrooms may also include chat and online discussion boards, which enable written communication between students and instructors.

1. Company introduction

The TechKnowledge Services Group (TKSG)  has been independently assessed and approved by the CQI and IRCA, as an Approved Training Partner (ATP, Registered Number: 01197682), to provide the certified training course and issue the recognized training course certificate. This means they have the processes and systems in place to deliver certified courses to the highest standard.

2. Accreditation
About the CQI, IRCA, and TKSG 

The CQI is the only chartered professional body dedicated entirely to quality. 

The IRCA is its specialist division dedicated to management system auditors.

Please find out more about the CQI and IRCA at 

Please find out more about the TKSG service at or 

3. Personal data protection and EU GDPR compliance

Please checkpersonal data privacy protection and EU GDPR Compliance Statement ]

Item  Description
a. Purpose of personal data processing 
  1. We committed to complying with EU GDPR on personal data processing. 
  2. All provided personal data will only be used for TKSG course management purposes only and will NOT provide any non-relevant 3rd-party.
b. The validity of student account
  1. The registered student account will valid for 60 days, from the date of registered.
  2. The TKSG learning management system (LMS) will automatically close the student account and all access rights after 60 days.
c. Retention period
  1. The retention period of course records and personal data will be in 5 years, the same period as the validity for auditor registration. 
  2. We shall delete the data after the retention period.

4. Learning environment of virtual classroom 
Item Description
Technical support

The TKSG LMS use responsive-web technology to support the following devices: 

  • PC desktop
  • Notebook Laptop, i.e. Apple Mac, Windows 
  • Tablet, i.e. Apple iPad, Microsoft surface 
  • The use of a mobile phone would not be accepted, as images will be too small especially for group or full classroom work.

We would recommend using a PC desktop or Notebook laptop for better learning experiences. 

To access the TKSG LMS, a web-based/enabled services, your devices need to connect to the Internet and can use one of the following web-browsers:

  • Safari 
  • Google / Chrome
  • FirFox
  • Explore
  • Other browsers support HTML and W3 specifications. 

To interact with the tutor, you need to use video conferencing enabled software (either Skype or Team) to join the virtual classroom. Once connected, the tutor/student can share their screen for discussion, lecture, presenting purpose. If there is a connection problem, they just need to re-connect and back to the tutor. 

The TKSG training course supports the following video conferencing software: 

  • Skype; 
  • Team.

The student shall ensure the video conferencing software by performing a pre-test:

  • Video camera setting;
  • Voice testing; 
  • Web-browsing testing. 

If any question on use TKSG LMS, additional IT support needed, they can 

Duration of each virtual learning session 

In addition, a 5-10 minute break after 50-60 minutes continuous screen and/or keyboard work is added to the virtual classroom course introduction. 

5. Notification 
5.1 Course preparation 
a. Course environmentThe delegate shall ensure the course environment comply with the following principles:
Environmental check:
  1. Ensure the course environment complies with home safety and environmental regulation, .i.e. fire protection, emergency exit...etc.
  2. Endure the chair, table, monitor and PC setting comply with the [ Ergonomic guide to computer-based workstations ].
  3. Ensure the tutor will be able to clearly identify the delegates, includes:
    • Sufficient lighting;
    • NO backlight;
  4. Ensure the course environment will not be disturbed by non-relevant people, i.e. family members, neighbors, delivery...etc.
Communication check:
  1. Ensure a high-speed Internet connection, minimal 2Mbps bandwidth is recommended. 
  2. Ensure the computer with Video and Micphone working properly.
  3. Ensure the Web browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Explorer) and MS-Office (MS-word, MS-powerpoint, and MS-excel) working properly. 
  4. Ensure the course communication software Skype working properly. The delegate can also reference the [ Supporting and Help from Skype ].
b. Course time
Daily time: 09:00 ~ 18:00
  1. Please make sure the daily transportation and accommodation are properly organized. 
  2. A 5 ~10 minutes break after 50 - 60 minutes continuous screen and/or keyboard work
  3. 100% attendance is required. Any absence might not able to participate in the course exam. 
c. Evening work  
  1. Delegates should note that there may be evening works during the training course.
d. Delegate number
  1. The minimal numbers of delegates for the course are 2 and the maximum is 8.
  2. If the delegates are less than 2, the course will be postponed.
e. Prepare delegate's information, course forms, and course material 
  1. The course organizer shall confirm the correctness and completeness of delegate information, prepare the Course and Student Registration ] file and submit to TUTOR(s) and TKSG in 2 weeks BEFORE the course start. 
  2. The course organizer shall prepare the following records for EACH COURSE:
  3. The course organizer shall prepare the table according to the following needs:
  4. The course organizer shall prepare the following course material for EACH STUDENT, includes: 
    • TKSG Learning Management System (LMS) Student Account (please refer to step   5.1.f)
    • The ISO standard for this training (mainly for exam purpose, please recycle after the exam due to copyright act.)
    • Presentation - Overview of the standard.
    • Presentation - Overview of the management system audit guideline (ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021-1 as appropriate))
    • IRCA Auditor Examination Specimen Paper for this course. 
    • Other marketing material (option) 
f. Student account
There are TWO ways to have the student account: 
  1. Provided by the training organizer
    • Once you completed the registration process with your training organizer, you should be given a username and password for accessing TKSG LMS (
    • Once you logged in to TKSG LMS, please update your initial password to ensure information security. 
    • For update your personal data and password, please check Appendix A.2 [ Updating your personnel profile ]
    • Forget or reset your password, please check Appendix A.8 [ Resetting your password ] 
  2. Self-registration (for the selected course only): 
    • BEFORE you proceed, please make sure that you have a valid personnel email address, as you will be asked for this during registration. 
    • Please do NOT use a shared or public email address. 
    • You might also need a one-time "enrolment key" or "course licensed QR Code" for each individual course that you want to enroll, please check with your course organizer.  
    • Detailed student account registration, please check Appendix A1. [ Create a student account  ]
g. Log in and find the course material
  1. The delegates shall have the capability to use their own PC, laptop notebook PC or suitable mobile devices (i.e. iPad) with the browser (i.e. Google, Chrome, Safari, Explorer) to access the LMS. 
  2. Introduction to the TKSG LMS user interface. Please reference [ Overview of the TKSG LMS User Interface
  3. Connect to the Internet.
  4. Login to TKSG LMS with your student ID and password: 
  5. After success logged in, you should be able to find the registered name on the upper right corner, and you should be able to find all registered courses from "My courses" on the menu bar. 

  6. In general, there are three types of course materials you can access: 
    • Prior-Knowledge Assessment (only for the auditor training course) 
    • Case study 
    • Training course
  7. Select the enrolled course, all course materials can be founded and access in the " Session CM: Course Materials " session. 
  8. Complete the "Prior-Knowledge Assessment" (see below) BEFORE the course start and download the successfully completed statement PDF. 
h. Course standard
  1. The delegate shall prepare their own latest standard(s) for the training
  2. The training organizer shall prepare the following (latest) hardcopy standards for use on course:
    • ISO 19011, Guidelines for auditing management systems
    • ISO/IEC 17021-1, Requirements For Bodies Providing Audit And Certification Of Management Systems - Part 1: Requirements
    • (Option) ISO 19600, Compliance management systems - Guidelines
    • (Option) ISO 31000, Risk management - Guidelines
    • (Option) ISO/IEC 27006 (for the ISMS auditor course), Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of information security management systems
    • (Option) ISO/TS 22003 (foe the FSMS auditor course), Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of food safety management systems
i. Complete the "Prior-Knowledge Assessment"To ensure the course quality, the CQI/IRCA expected all delegate shall have the following prior knowledge, before participating in the training.
  1. Knowledge of Management Principles and Concepts
    • The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle;
    • The core elements of a management system and the interrelationship between top management responsibility, policy, objectives, planning, implementation, measurement, review, and continual improvement;
  2. Knowledge of Management System Compliance
    • The knowledge of the principles of management;
    • Awareness of management system relevant national and local legislation and requirements;
  3. Knowledge of the requirements of the Management System Standard and the commonly used management system related terms and definitions;
  4. Knowledge of Risk Management (ISO 31000)
  5. Knowledge of management system audit (ISO 19011) and certification requirements (ISO/IEC 17021-1, as appropriate)
All participants are requested to complete the course [ Prior-Knowledge Assessment ] in one week BEFORE the training and download the successfully completed statement. 

j. Case Study document preparation
  • All participants are requested to complete the [ Case Study - Organization context, requirement and scope ] in one week BEFORE the training. 
    • The case study document will be shared with another group member for course learning purposes.  
    • Please do NOT includes any confidential information in the case study document. The training organization is not responsible for any information leaking. 
    • If the delegates from the same organization can use the same document. 
k. "Prior-Knowledge Assessment" statement   

  • The completion of the "Prior-Knowledge Assessment" statement is part of your learning record, un-complete or not able to provide, might have a negative impact on issuing course certificate and/or CQI/IRCA certificate registration. 
  • The course organizer and tutor shall ensure all delegates are completed the prior knowledge assessment and collect all "Prior-Knowledge Assessment" statements from each studentone week BEFORE the course starting date, as part of the course registration process. 
  • The delegate can also upload the "Prior-Knowledge Assessment" statement to the "welcome" session in TKSG LMS.

5.2 DURING the course

Item Notification
a. Examination qualification
  1. The delegate FULL-time participation is required.  
  2. The delegate is requested to complete and pass the following continued assessment activities: 
    • Daily and Examination Attendance Record.
    • Completion of session tasks
    • Completion of student self-assessment on learning objectives
    • Completion of the course satisfaction survey
  3. 100% attendance is required. Any absence might not able to participate in the course exam. 
b. Auditor course examination The following information is for the course organizer:
  1. Requirements for conducting and marking CQI and IRCA examinations
The following information is for student: 
  1. The paper shall be answered in ENGLISH
  2. Exam time: 2 hours.
  3. Pass score: 50% of each section and 70% of the overall score.
  4. Please use only a ballpen, NO ink pen, NO pencil, NO liquid paper or eraser can be used to answer the question.   
Hint about the answer:
  1. The student shall provide the same amount of answer as asked, additional answers will NOT be marked by the marker and NO additional marks will be given.
c. Re-sit the exam
  • When: The re-sit exam shall be taken within 12 months after the course.
  • Limitation: only one re-sit exam allowed.  
  • Re-sit time: The exam normally organized in the last week of each month, Friday, 13:00 ~ 17:00 (the exam time will be 120 minutes)
  • Place: The original course place, please check with the course organizer.
  • Fee: depends on the country the fee can vary, please contact your course organizer. 
  • Contact: Course organizer 
  • Booking your seat: Please book your seat with the course organizer BEFORE the 15th of each month.
  • The exam rules are the same, shall be a closed book exam, can only reference the clean standard.
  • The result will be released within 3 weeks after the exam is taken. The course certificate will be able to download at the same course session
d. Exam result registration
  1. The course lead tutor should complete the exam paper marking within 3 weeks, register the exam marks and results to the Course and Student Registration ], and submit to TKSG Course Administration for course certification purposes.  

5.3 AFTER the course

Item Notification
a. Course certificate
  1. It has been recognized by CQI/IRCA, that we only provide the e-Certificate, in PDF format.
  2. PASS the exam, will receive a course successfully completed certificate.
  3. FAIL the exam will receive a course attendance certificate. 
b. Collect the course certificate 
  1. In general, the delegate will be able to download the course certificate within 3 weeks after the course. (i.e. in Session CX, Course Examination and Certificate of the course) 
  2. The reference [ certificate download procedure
  3. The student shall download the course certificate within 30 days after the course. 
  4. Due to privacy by design and privacy by default control measures of TKSG LMS, the course certificate will no longer available or downloadable after the student account expire. 
c. Certificate validity It depends on the version of the corresponding standard, the course certificate has NO expiration date.
d. CQI/IRCA Auditor Registration For the CQI/IRCA certified auditor training course only
  • The successful completion of the CQI/IRCA registered auditor course is a pre-requisite and essential to becoming a CQI/IRCA registered auditor. 
  • To successfully register CQI/IRCA auditor, the delegate shall also comply with other requirements, includes, but not limited to:
    • Educational background;
    • Working experience; 
    • Audit experience.
  • The delegate should [ register with CQI/IRCA ] as an auditor within 5 years if the delegates successfully completed the training course and pass the examination.

Appendix A, Reference procedures

If you should have a question. The following information will help you to start and facilitate the training course with us. We hope you enjoy your course. 

  1. HOW to create a student account? 
  2. HOW to update your personal profile? 
  3. HOW to enroll in your course?
  4. HOW to upload your workshop assignments? 
  5. HOW to register your CQI/IRCA UDN? (ONLY apply for CQI/IRCA Registered Course)
  6. HOW to download your course certificate? 
  7. WHERE you can validate your course certificate? 
  8. HOW to reset your password? 

Please contact us for the other information or 

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