Food Safety Management (FSMS, ISO 22000) and Regulatory Compliance

Food Safety Management (FSMS, ISO 22000) and Regulatory Compliance

Who benefits from ISO standards for food?

All players in the food supply chain, be they farmers, manufacturers or retailers, can benefit from the guidelines and best practice contained in ISO standards, which range from food harvesting to product packaging. In addition, internationally agreed standards help food producers meet legal and regulatory requirements.

ISO standards address issues relevant to consumers such as food safety, nutritional labeling, hygiene, food additives and more. They give consumers the peace of mind that comes with knowing the food they consume meets high standards for safety and quality and contains what it says on the tin.

Regulators can rely on best-practice test methods and harmonized terminology that are constantly reviewed and improved, as a technical basis for regulation and policy.

What standards does ISO have for food?

  • Food products
  • Food safety management
  • Microbiology
  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Essential oils
  • Starch and its by-products

Food safety management

ISO 22000, Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) – Requirements for any organization in the food chain, developed by ISO/TC 34/SC 17, Management systems for food safety.

ISO has a number of International Standards aimed at ensuring food safety throughout the supply chain. The ISO 22000 family addresses food safety management by providing guidelines and best practices for managing risks in all areas of food production.

ISO 22000 is a certifiable standard that sets out the overall requirements for a food safety management system. It defines the steps an organization must take to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards and ensure that food is safe for human consumption.

ISO 22000 is one of ISO’s best-known standards, with 32061 certificates issued in 2015 alone.

Within its broad scope, the ISO 22000 family includes standards specific to catering, food manufacturing, farming, packaging, and animal foodstuffs and feed production. 

Training course information
Course name  Course language 
ISO 22000:2018 Lead Auditor (Food Safety Management Systems) Training Course
ISO 22000:2018 食品安全管理系統 (FSMS) 主導稽核員訓練課程 中文

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