Brand story and core value

Core value

  • The Latin “IN NOMINE QUALITATIS", English translation “in the name of quality”, represents our core value - to implement the quality principles and practices.
  • A golden wisdom book, represents the knowledge and experiences, like gold. We provide the technique and knowledge with quality

  • There is a Four-leaf clover (also called "Lucky clover") key beside the book, to represents open the path to wisdom. In tradition, there are TWO interpretations of the Four-leaf clove:
    • The first interpretation is hope, faith, love, and luck;
    • The second interpretation is love, health, glory, and riches;
    • The top of the key used the different symbols, "0" and "1", represent the knowledge of the digital era.  

  • The golden ear of rice below TKSG, represent the achievement or can be achieved. 

  • The Latin "VITA", English translation “life”, represent we respect and love.

  • The Latin "PASSIONIS", English translation “passion”, represent we are open-minded and passion. 

  • The Latin "SAPIENTIAE", English translation “wisdom”, represent we keep learning and accumulate the wisdom. 

Heraldry (German: heraldik) impression

  • Deep blue color: represent trustworthily and sincerely

  • The shield represents integrity, trust, and resolute;

  • The ribbon represents the embrace of both hands and promotes the core value of the group.

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