Training Course Notification

Welcome to TechKnowledge Services Group (TKSG) Certificated Training Course Services 

The Hermes infotech Inc. – a member company of TechKnowledge Services Group (TKSG)  has been independently assessed and approved by the CQI and IRCA, as an Approved Training Partner (ATP, Registered Number: 01197682), to provide the certified training course and issue the recognized training course certificate. This means they have the processes and systems in place to deliver certified courses to the highest standard.

About the CQI, IRCA, and TKSG 

The CQI is the only chartered professional body dedicated entirely to quality. 

The IRCA is its specialist division dedicated to management system auditors.

Please find out more about the CQI and IRCA at 

Please find out more about the TKSG service at or 

About the personal data privacy protection and EU GDPR Compliance Statement

  1. We committed to complying with EU GDPR on personal data processing. All provided personal data will only be used for TKSG course management purposes only and will NOT provide any non-relevant 3rd-party. 
  2. The registered student account will valid for 60 days, from the date of registered. The TKSG learning management system (LMS) will automatically close the student account and all access rights after 60 days. 
  3. The retention period of course records and personal data will be in 5 years, the same period as the validity for auditor registration. We shall delete the data after the retention period. 

About the course venue security and safety regulation compliance 

  1. The course organizer (i.e. subcontractor) is accountable for local security and safety regulation compliance. The course organization shall provide compliance evidence.
  2. The course organizer shall fulfill CQI/IRCA security and safety requirements and audited by ATP at least annually, or more if necessary. 

Notification BEFORE the course 
Course time
Daily time: 09:00 ~ 18:00
  1. Please make sure the daily transportation and accommodation are properly organized. 
  2. Any absent from the class shall be approved by the tutor and note in the daily attendance record. The maximum absent is 10% total course time. 
  3. Exceed the absent time, will not able to participate in the course exam. 
Evening work  Delegates should note that there may be evening works during the course
Delegate numberThe minimal numbers of delegates for this course are 4 and the maximum is 20.
If the students are less than 4, the course will be postponed.
Course materialThis course is facilitated by the TKSG learning management system (LMS), includes the course presentation, document templates...etc.. The participants should have the capability to use their own PC, laptop notebook or suitable mobile devices to access the LMS. 
Course standardThe delegate shall prepare their own standards for the training. 
Student accountThere are TWO ways to have the student account: 
  1. Provided by the training provider: Once you completed all registration process with your course organizer, you should be given a student ID (username) and Password
  2. Self-registration (for some course): please check the Appendix A, Reference procedures 
Complete the "Prior-Knowledge Assessment"To ensure the course quality, the CQI/IRCA expected all delegate shall have the following prior knowledge, before participating in the training.
  1. Knowledge of Management Principles and Concepts
  2. Knowledge of Management System Compliance 
  3. Knowledge of Risk Management (ISO 31000)
  4. Knowledge of Management system audit (ISO 19011)
  5. Knowledge of the requirements of the Standard 

All participants are requested to complete a course [ Prior-Knowledge Assessment ] in one week BEFORE the training and download the successfully completed certificate. 
"Prior-Knowledge Assessment" certificate   The "Prior-Knowledge Assessment" certificate is part of your learning record, un-complete or not able to provide, might have a negative impact on issuing course certificate and/or CQI/IRCA certificate registration. 

Notification DURING the course

Item Notification
Examination qualification The delegate FULL-time participation is required.  
The delegate is requested to complete and pass the following continue assessment activities: 
  1. Daily and Examination Attendance Record.
  2. Completion of session tasks
  3. Completion of student Self-assessment on learning objectives
  4. Completion of the course satisfaction survey
Course examination The general information for the course examination:
  1. Pass score: 70%
  2. Fail the exam, will only issue an attendance certificate. 

Notification AFTER the course

Item Notification
Course certificate It has been recognized by CQI/IRCA, that we only provide the e-Certificate, in PDF format.
Collect the course certificate  In general, the delegate will be able to download the course certificate within 3 weeks after the course. (i.e. in Session SX, Course Examination and Certificate of the course) 
Certificate validity It depends on the version of the corresponding standard, the course certificate has NO expiration date.
CQI/IRCA Auditor Registration For the CQI/IRCA certified auditor training course only
The delegate is entitled to register with CQI/IRCA as an auditor within 5 years if the delegates successfully completed the training course and pass the examination.

Appendix A, Reference procedures

If you should have a question. The following information will help you to start and facilitate the training course with us. We hope you enjoy your course. 

  1. HOW to create a student account? 
  2. HOW to update your personal profile? 
  3. HOW to enroll your course?
  4. HOW to upload your workshop assignments? 
  5. HOW to register your CQI/IRCA UDN? (ONLY apply for CQI/IRCA Registered Course)
  6. HOW to download your course certificate? 
  7. WHERE you can validate your course certificate? 

Other question, please 

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