Procedure - CQI / IRCA Auditor Course Tutor Qualification

Procedure for CQI / IRCA Auditor Course Tutor Qualification

1. Terms and definitions (job description)

1.1 Lead tutor

The lead tutor, meaning the tutor who acts in the capacity of leading the course and would normally is regarded as the main presenter. For courses requiring only one presenter then this presenter would be required to be of Lead Tutor status. 

A lead tutor shall hold current IRCA (or accepted equivalent) registered Lead Auditor.

1.2 Support tutor

A tutor who is approved by ATP to act in the capacity of a support tutor to a Lead Tutor (A Lead Tutor is automatically approved to act as a Support tutor).

1.3 Trainee tutor

The tutor candidate who fulfills the minimum qualification requirements. 

2. Tutor qualification process 

The following flow diagram defined the process of qualifying all CQI and IRCA auditor course tutor(s).

3. Tutor qualification requirements 

The following table defined the minimum requirements for all CQI and IRCA auditor course tutor(s).

Knowledge requirements

Skill requirements 

Experience requirements 

Evidence required

a. Good understanding and technical knowledge of the course-related subject.

1. Be able to involve and engage learners  throughout the learning process

For auditing courses: 

Lead Auditor / Auditor Conversion courses:

- Lead Tutors must meet the criteria of the Lead Auditor or Principal Auditor certification grades defined in the IRCA Auditor Certification criteria

- Support Tutors for Lead Auditor courses must meet the requirements of the Auditor Certification grade or higher.

Internal Auditor/ Transition/ Foundation courses:

– Lead Tutors shall meet the criteria of the Auditor Certification grade or higher as defined in the IRCA Auditor Certification criteria

b. Good knowledge of formal and informal methods to assess student learning.

1. Be able to test learners’ understanding through questioning and observation of learner participation

Good knowledge and application of the course learning outcomes and enabling objectives

  • Delegate feedback; 
  • Annual review audit
  2. Lead Auditor/Auditor Conversion courses
– Lead Tutors must demonstrate a consistent and fair application of the examination marking scheme. 

c. Good knowledge of learning theory and how people learn (as evidenced by Certificate in Education, Train the Trainer certificate, etc.)

1. Be able to facilitate skills-based practical activities, including the ability to give clear instructions for practical activities

Be able to use practical examples to demonstrate course learning outcomes and enabling objectives

  • Delegate feedback; 
  • Certificate in Education;
  • Train the Trainer certificate;
  • Annual review audit

2. Be able to manage session timings effectively. Be able to close the learning cycle for each session as per the course design intent

  • Delegate feedback; 
  • Annual review audit

4. Tutor qualification maintenance

  • The ATP will conduct the regular tutor reviews audit (at least once per year) that includes, but not limited to: 
    • Delegate feedback; 
    • Review of their course delivery; 
    • Other records, as appropriate.
  • Each qualified lear tutor shall conduct as minimal 4 courses annually

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