Procedure - Download your course certificate

Procedure to download your course certificate 如何下載您的課程證書

When you receive the email notification from the course organizer that your course certificate has been issued, you can follow the steps to collect your course certificate. 


Step 1, Please login to your course, goes to the course session name: "Session Cx, xxxx course examination" (usually the last session of the course), i.e. "Session CX: Auditor course examination " , you will find either "Successfully completed certificate" or "Attended certificate" ready for your download. Please click on the certificate to downoload.

第 1 步,請您登錄我們的線上課程學習系統,找到您的課程,然後到 "單元 xx: xxxx 課程考試單元“ (通常應該是課程的最後一個單元),例如,“單元 CX:稽核員認證課程考試 “,您會發現 “課程通過證書” 或者 “課程參加證書”,供您下載,請您點選證書。

Step 2, Once you completed the Step 1, you will be able to see following similar screen. Please select "Get your custom certificate" to download your certificate. You should be able to find a PDF certificate will be downloaded to your computer.

Once the certificate has been downloaded, please check the correctness of your personal information on the certificate.  You will be editing your "Profile", if needed. Please download the certificate again after your update on your personal profile. Please note, the system will ONLY keep the last certificate you have downloaded.

第 2 步,當您完成步驟 1後,您應該可以看到類似下列畫面。請選擇  " 下載證書 (Ger your custom certificate)" ,您應該會發現一份 PDF 格式的課程證書會被下載到您的電腦當中。

證書下載後,請您核對姓名及各項個人資料正確無誤。如果需要更正,請您到您的個人檔案 ( Profile) 的更正後,重複上述步驟,再次下載更正後的證書即可。請注意:本系統只會保留您最後下載的證書。

Congratulations, you have completed the course certificate download procedure. 


Last modified: Monday, 6 January 2020, 2:00 PM