Procedure - upload your "assignment"

Procedure for upload your assignment 如何上載您完成的 “單元作業”

Step 1, find the "Assignment" of each session 

第 1 步,找到每個課程單元中,所要求完成的 Assignment 單元作業

Step 2, click "Add submission"

第 2 步,請選擇  "Add submission" 新增提交作業

Step 3, add "files" .. you can drag and drop files to the area ... and "Save changes

第 3 步,加入 "files" 檔案,您可以透過拖、放方式,直接新增檔案,然後選擇 "Save change" 儲存改變

Step 4, once you are ready, click "Upload the file

第 4 步,完成檔案選擇後,選擇 "Upload the file" 上載檔案

Step 5, once you upload, click "Save changes" ...

第 5 步,選擇 "Save changes" 儲存改變,然後繼續

Step 6, NOT completed yet....  please click the "Submit assignment" 

第 6 步,請注意,您尚未完成單元作業的交付...  請您選擇  "Submit assignment" 交付作業

Step 7, please "Continue" to confirm the submission

第 7 步,請選擇 "Continue" 繼續,確認交付作業流程

Step 8, once you completed, you will see the "Submisison status" become "submited for grading" then you are completed whole submission process. 

第 8 步,當您確認交付作業後,您的 "Submission status" 作業交付狀態 會變成 “Submited for grading" 等待評分 狀態顯示。這樣,您才算完成作業交付程序。

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