Procedure - course enrollment

Procedure of course enrolment 課程註冊程序


Step 1, Please confirm you have completed the user registration and successfully login to TKSG Learning System.  

步驟二,請確認,您已經課程舉辦單位取得課程註冊金鑰 (Enrolment key)

Step 2, Please confirm, you had received the course "Enrolment key" from your training organizer before your confinue. 

步驟三,請前往本公司首頁 (,並登入

Step 3, Please goes to TKSG company homepage ( ) and login 

步驟四,請您從課程分類 (Course categories)中,找到您已經完成報名、繳費參加的課程。 

或者,您也可以從我們最受歡迎的服務 (Popular Services) 快速鏈結中,瞭解更多服務、課程的訊息。

Step 4, Please select your course to register from course categories (Find the "course categories" (e.g. ISMS, QMS...) --> Country --> Course).

or you can check the "Popular services" to find more course information. 

點選您的課程 (這裡以 QMS (ISO 9001:2015) Auditor Transition Course 課程為例)

Please click on the course you selected (paid) or intended to study  (here take "QMS (ISO 9001:2015) Auditor Transition Course", as an example)

點選課程後,會出現下列 學員註冊 (Self enrolment (Student)) 要求輸入 課程註冊金鑰 (Enrolment key) 畫面

Once you click on the course you plan to enrol, you will be requested to enter "Enrolment key" on Self enrolment (Student) session. 

步驟五,請輸入課程註冊金鑰 (Enrolment key),請注意!! 課程註冊金鑰之英文字母的大、小寫不同。 輸入完畢,請點選 課程註冊(Enrol me)

 (註:您也可以勾選 “Unmask",確認您輸入的課程註冊金鑰是否正確)

Step 5, Please enter the "Enrolment key". Please noticed, the characters of Enrolment key are sensitive (small and capital are different). Once you completed the entry, Please click "Enrol me" to complet the course enrol process. . 

Note. you can also "check" the Unmask option to see what you typing on Enrolment key.


Step 6, Once TKSG Learning System confirmed the Enrolment key, you are authorizd to asscess all course material and other documents. 


Congratulations, you have now successfully registered to our course. 

We hope you enjoy your learning journey. 

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