Procedure - create service account

Procedure of create your service account 課程、服務帳號申請程序

步驟一,請到新客戶註冊網頁 ( )。

Step 1, please visit our account registration homepage  ( )

步驟二,填寫用戶註冊資料 (請注意,本系統只支援英文姓名註冊),點選 “Create my new account” 確認送出後,您應該會收到一封由系統發出來之帳號申請確認信。

Step 2, Fillin the user information in ENGLISH only, once you completed, the click the “Create my new account” to confirm. You will receive a "TechKnowledge Services Group: account confirmation" email to your registered email account within 5 minutes. 

確認送出畫面,點選 "Continue" 後,回到首頁。

Once you confirm the registration, you will see following page, please click "Continue" and it will bring you back to TKSG homepage.

步驟三,請到您的電子郵件信箱中,找到由系統發出來的帳號申請確認信 (TechKnowledge Services Group: account confirmation email ),並點選信中所提供的帳號確認的鏈結 (藍色),完成帳號驗證。

Step 3, Check your email, find the "TechKnowledge Services Group: account confirmation" email, click the confirmation web-link to confirm your account informatoin and completed the athentication process. 

請注意:我們發現有部分學員無法收到帳號確認郵件,是因為我們的確認信遭到 貴公司的 資訊安全政策、防火牆、 電子郵件安全政策、廣告電子郵件過濾伺服器。

請再次確認您的 “垃圾郵件信箱 (Spam mail folder) “ 或者郵件伺服器設定,同時聯繫您的系統管理員,取得解決方案。如果還是有問題,請您與課程單位聯繫; 或者將您的帳戶註冊資料 (包含,姓名、帳號、email 等訊息) 發送 email 到,我們將盡快為您處理。

Please noticed. If you do not receive the confirmation email, we found that was because of your organisation's security policy, the confirmation email was been filtered by your anti-spam filtering server and marked it as "spam email". Please check your  "spam email folder" or contact with your system administrator to find the solution. 

步驟四,帳號確認無誤後,請再次回到本公司首頁 ( ,使用您剛剛申請的個人帳號,在首頁右上登入欄位中,輸入"帳號" (Username)及"密碼"(Password)進行登入。

Step 4, Once you have successfully confirmed your account informatoin, please go back to TKSG homepage ( ,login to TKSG Learning System from upper right corner by using the authenticted User ID and Password.

如果您發現,首頁的右上方會出現您註冊時所提供的姓名。表示您已經順利登入,並成為本機構的會員。您的帳號有效期間為 60 天。

If you found you name appear on upper right corner. That means you are successfully login to TKSG Learning System and be part of our mamber, your account will be valid for 60 days. 


BUT, if you see folloiwng message, that means your account is not yet completed the authenticated process, please go back to Step 3 and check.

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