Company introduction

TechKnowledge Services Group Inc. (hereafter referred to “TKSG”) is a BVI (British Virgin Islands) registered company (company registered Nr. 1729308) provides internationally recognized professional training and technical services according to International  (i.e. ISO), National (i.e. BS, GB/T) and Industrial (i.e. Data protection, FSSC, Medical Devices) standards, includes but not limited to:

  • ISO standards, i.e. ISO 90012700120000-1223011348514001, 220001702515408(CC)61508 EN 50600-x…etc;
  • National standards, i.e.  BS 10012,  GB/T 18336 (China);
  • Regulation and industrial requirements, i.e. ETSIEU GDPR, IoT Security Protection Profile

Core value

  • Pursuit of quality
  • Respect life
  • Open-minded and passion 
  • Accumulate wisdom

From here you will find more information about our brand story. 

Global Reach

TKSG serves customers in the following countries across the Asia Pacific, American, Middle East, and Europe.

  • Asia Pacific: China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
  • America: USA
  • EU: Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom
  • Middle East: Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Turkey, UAE (Abu Dhabi)
  • Africa:  Egypt 

TKSG delivers international recognized training programs and committed to providing our customers with comprehensive, value-added solutions and professional service.

Professional service

The service includes awareness and training, implementation workshop, consulting and project coaching, and service outsourcing on:  

  • Risk management: Organisations of all types and sizes face internal and external factors and influences that make it uncertain whether and when they will achieve their objectives. The effect this uncertainty has on an organization's objectives is “risk”. All activities of an organization involve risk. Organizations manage risk by identifying it, analyzing it and then evaluating whether the risk should be modified by risk treatment in order to satisfy their risk criteria. We facilitate this process to help our customers to monitor and review the risk and the controls that are modifying the risk in order to ensure that no further risk treatment is required. 

  • Information and communication security: “Security administration is a management and NOT a purely technical issue”,  the establishment, maintenance and continuous update of an Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) provide a strong indication that a company is using a systematic approach for the identification, assessment, and management of information security risks. Furthermore, such a company will be capable of successfully addressing information confidentiality, integrity and availability requirements which in turn have implications for: 
    • business continuity;
    • minimization of damages and losses;
    • competitive advantages;
    • profitability and cash-flow;
    • respected organization image;
    • legal compliance

The objective of Information Security Management is to implement the appropriate measurements in order to eliminate or minimize the impact that various security-related threats and vulnerabilities might have on an organization. In doing so, Information and Communication Security Management will enable implementing the desirable qualitative characteristics of the services offered by the organization (i.e. availability of services, preservation of data confidentiality and integrity, etc.). We support our customers to adopt the best practice from industry (e.g. Data Centre Security, Critical Information Infrastructure Protection) and standards (e.g. ISO/IEC 27001, Information Security Management Systems).

  • Business continuity: Business continuity is the activity performed by an organization to ensure that critical business functions will be available to customers, suppliers, regulators, and other entities that must have access to those functions. These activities include many daily chores such as project management, system backups, change control, and help desk. Business Continuity is not something implemented at the time of a disaster; Business Continuity refers to those activities performed daily to maintain service, consistency, and recoverability. We support our customers to adopt the best practice from industry (e.g. BCI, business continuity institute) and standards (e.g. ISO 22301, Business Continuity Management System).  

  • IT service and quality: IT service management (ITSM or IT services) is a discipline for managing information technology (IT) systems, philosophically centered on the customer's perspective of IT's contribution to the business. We support our customers to turn their IT services to become a competitive advantage by adopting the best practice from industry (e.g. ITIL, Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and standards (e.g. ISO/IEC 20000, IT Service Management System). 

  • Data protection and privacy: Information privacy or data privacy is the relationship between the collection, processing and transfer of data, technology, the public expectation of privacy, and the legal and political (e.g. public interest) issues surrounding them. We support our customer to comply with data privacy law (e.g. European Data Protection Regulations, Data Protection Act) and standards (e.g. BS 10012, Personal Information Management System, ISO 29100 Privacy Framework) 

  • Technical and Knowledge transfer project:
    • Testing laboratory establishment and accreditation (according to ISO 17025) 
    • Technical capacity and team building 
    • Accreditation and product certification scheme (according to CCRA, ISO 17065) 
    • IT security evaluation and testing procedure 

  • Professional service packages (project management, developer support, evaluation, and certification) on: 
    • ISO/IEC 15408 (CC, Common Criteria for IT Security Evaluation and Certification), includes but not limited to
      • Smart card and secured IC
      • IoT (Internet of things) communication module and security element 
      • SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) component security 
      • e-CAR security
      • GSMA eSIM security
      • Healthcare component, application, and system 
      • others. 
    • Crypto Module Evaluation and Certification according to FIPS-140-2 / FIPS 140-3 (ISO/IEC 19790)
    • EU GDPR Process and Technical Compliance
    • EU Cybersecurity Process and Technical Compliance 
    • US Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List (DoDIN APL) Qualification

Accreditation and Recognition

As a professional service provider, Hermes infotech Inc. has following accreditation and international recognition to assure the service we delivered: 

  • CQI (Chartered Quality Institute) / International Register of Certified Auditor (IRCA) accreditation: One of the TKSGvis accredited as CQI/IRCA Approved Training Partner (ATP) (Registered No: 01197682)
    • CQI was formed in 1919 as part of the UK government's enterprise initiative, designed to make industry and business more competitive, through the implementation of quality principles and practices. 
    • IRCA has earned a reputation for integrity, for contributing value and for best practice. 
    • The evaluation and certification methods developed and used by IRCA have been adopted as the industry standard model used by other auditor certification bodies, which indicates that we remain the auditor certification that supplier organizations, certification bodies, and auditors value most. 
    • Over 60,000 auditors have been awarded certification since 1984 and more than 150 countries are represented on the IRCA register.

  • CQI (Chartered Quality Institute) / International Register of Certified Auditor (IRCA) certified auditor/lead auditor training course: We are offering the following certified auditor training course, but not limited to:
    • BCMS (ISO 22301:2012) (Course Registered No. PR311 / 17564)
    • FSMS (ISO 22000:2018) (Course Registered No. PR359 )
    • ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) (Course Registered No. PR320 / 17533)
    • ITSMS (ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011) (Course Registered No. PR321 / 17576)
    • QMS (ISO 9001:2015) (Course Registered No. PR328 / 18219)
    • For more course accreditation information, please check [ CQI/IRCA website ]
    • For more information on our professional services, please check our [ Service portal ]  
    • For course participation, please check [ Course notification ]

  • Germany National accredited IT Security Evaluation Laboratory  (TUV Informationstechnik GmbH, TUViT) Service and Business Partner, provides IT security evaluation and testing on the following area: 
    • ISO/IEC 15408 (CC, Common Criteria for IT Security Evaluation and Certification)
    • Europe Privacy Seal
    • Data Centre Certification – TSI
    • IoT Security
    • FIPS-140-2 / FIPS 140-3 (ISO/IEC 19790)
    • Others…     

  • Global financial and legal consulting firm training partner 

  • Germany (TUV), UK (UKAS), US, Turkey (TUK), Austria accredited certification body's professional service and training partner.


TechKnowledge Services Group (TKSG)

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