Procedure - course enrollment - Coupon

The procedure of course enrolment 課程註冊程序


Step 1, Please confirm you have completed the user registration and successfully login to TKSG Learning System.  You should be able to see your username on the upper-right corner. 

步驟二,請確認,您已經取得 課程上課卷 (Coupon),包含課程名稱、課程有效期間 (60 天)、16 位上課卷註冊碼 (Coupon code) 及 二維碼

Step 2, Please confirm you have received the course "Coupon codefrom your training organizer before you continue. 

步驟三,請在首頁,找到 "Coupon" 區塊,並輸入您的16 位上課卷註冊碼 (Coupon code) 

Step 3, Please find the "Coupon" block on the "Home" page and enter your coupon code

步驟四,註冊成功後,您可以在我的課程 (My Courses) 選單中,看到所有課程。

Step 4, Once you succeed, you should be able to find all the courses in the "My courses" menu. 


Congratulations, you have now successfully registered to our course. 

We hope you enjoy your learning journey. 

Last modified: Monday, 6 January 2020, 2:00 PM