Data Centre Design (EN 50600-1 and EN 50600-2-x) and Security Management Training Course 歐盟數據中心設計與安全管理培訓課程 (UCOM_TP_1115)

Course Information

  • Course Date: 15 ~ 16 November 2021
  • Location:  Taipei, Taiwan 


  • 課程日期:15 ~ 16 November 2021
  • 課程地點:精誠資訊股份有限公司 (UCOM 恆逸教育訓練中心), 台北, 台灣 

Who should participant this course 課程對象
  • ICT, Cloud or Data Centre management  IT 部门或数据中心高阶领导
  • The person who involved in data centre planning, designer, implement, operate and management (参与数据中心设计、规划、建置、运行与管理人员)
  • Data centre solution provider (数据中心服务提供商)
  • IT professionals (IT专业人士)
Course objectives 課程目標
  • Understand the environmental requirements of data centre design (了解数据中心设计的环境要求) 
  • Understand the key considerations of a data centre design (了解数据中心设计的规范)
  • Understand the national and international standards of a data centre design and construction (了解数据中心设计與建設的國家與國際標準)
  • Understand the Germany TSI (Trust Site Infrastructure) data centre certification requirements and process (了解德国数据中心认证标准与流程)