QMS (ISO 9001:2015) Auditor Transition Training Course

This IRCA (International Register of Certificated Auditors) certified ISO 9001:2015 Auditor Transition Training Course (A18170) is designed for:

  • It is recommended for IRCA or NON-IRCA QMS registered Provisional Auditors, Auditors, Lead Auditors, Principal Auditors as an element of CPD evidence to maintain their qualification / certification.
  • To benefits who have previously studied IRCA approval QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor training course
  • Management professionals who would like to keep their QMS knowledge and skills up to date 

QMS (ISO 9001:2015) Auditor/Lead Auditor Training Course - Prior Knowledge Assessment

To participate the IRCA QMS Auditor / Lead Auditor training course, all participates are required to PASS this assessment to ensure the following prior knowledge are equipped: 

  1. The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle
  2. The core elements of a management system and the interrelationship between top management responsibility, policy, objectives, planning, implementation, measurement, review and continuous improvement.
  3. ISO 9001, Knowledge of the requirements of ISO 9001 and the commonly used quality management terms and definitions, as given in ISO 9000, which may be gained by completing an IRCA Certified QMS Foundation Training course or equivalent.
  4. Knowledge of the fundamental concepts and the seven(7) quality management principles: 
    • Customer focus
    • Leadership
    • Engagement of people
    • Process approach
    • Improvement
    • Evidence-based decision-making
    • Relationship management

國際稽核員註冊協會 品質管理系統 課前評估

依據國際稽核員註冊協 (IRCA) 會要求,所有參加國際稽核員註冊協認證課程學員,必須先完成、並通過 (達 70%) 本課前評估,以確保每位參與學員具備下列課程必備之知識:

  1. Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) 品質持續改善循環
  2. 管理系統主要元素、高階管理的角色與責任、政策、目標、計畫、實施、量測、審查與持續改善流程
  3. ISO 9001 管理系統要求、ISO 9000 品質管理系統名詞定義; 或者參加過國際稽核員註冊協會認證或相關基礎課程
  4. 了解品質管理的 7 項基本原則:
    • 客戶導向 (Customer focus)
    • 領導 (Leadership)
    • 員工參與 (Engagement of people)
    • 流程導向 (Process approach)
    • 改進 (Improvement)
    • 以證據為依據之決策 (Evidence-based decision making)
    • 關係管理 (Relationship management)